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PKMN-Armonia - Ryan Hicks App by unboundvortex PKMN-Armonia - Ryan Hicks App by unboundvortex
Finally finished it! I had to change everything once, and then photoshop (which I don´t know how to use) didn´t cooperated. Second time. I can do it!


:bulletblue:Name: Ryan Daniel Hicks

:bulletblue:Age: 15

:bulletblue:Gender: Male

:bulletblue:Pokémon: Zangoose

:bulletblue:Birthday: January 23th

:bulletblue:Height: 1.66 m. (1.79m with the longest ear)

:bulletblue:Weight: 167lbs

:bulletblue:Nature: Quiet

:bulletblue:Ability: Immunity (Prevents the Pokémon from being poisoned)

:bulletblue:Hometown: Fortree City

:bulletblue:Personality: Ryan is an extremely respectful Pokémon, rarely engaging in any type of serious and angry discussion. He will normally laugh if bothered or teased, even if it is a serious tease, because he will take it as real suggestion and try to change. When he is alone, he will often get lost in thought, and ,being weaker than normal Zangoose, he will always avoid a battle when he can. He will be always be seen wearing a jacket, just taking it off when it is an obligation. He´s a bit shy, having trouble presenting anything in front of Pokémon.

:bulletblue:History: Ryan was born in Fortree City to a family with two siblings, each one another Zangoose. Since young, he watched them fight and practice around moves. He dreamed to be like them. Yet, his claws never developed normally, since they were smaller and weaker than the average. His small claws were never long enough to endure a fight. This made him feel really bad about himself, feeling out of place in a family and downright weak.

When he entered school, his parents and siblings saw what was his compensation for small claws, a bright mind. Since small, he showed a great ability in school, learning to read, write and count in a breeze. In the following years, he demonstrated an average knowledge and grades in classes like Language Arts, which he didn´t liked or cared about. Yet, in Science or number-related classes he showed an incredible amount of ability. Even though, he never participated in any contest or such, considering it egocentrical or just useless. During all the time in Elementary, he was extremely playful, making jokes and acting mostly like a kid, even in the last years. He got in trouble multiple times for following other people, once being blamed for the steal of laptop and some quizzes.

Entering High School, he learned from his errors in Elementary and decided to become more reserved and calm. This is were he changed. Since young, he had a crush on a Kirlia that had been her classmate for years, and he was preparing to talk to her what he felt. But in the class sorting at the beginning of the school year, they were sent to different classes. After somedays of postponing it, he went to say it, but she found her accepting the proposal of another Pokémon, a 17 year-old Absol. Since that day, he became quiet and thoughtful, thinking to himself that he was too childyish and having a deep rancor to himself,  trying to hide it with a smile. One day he received a mail from a "far away place", ignoring it, since he thought it was an invitation to a contest of some type. But his mother picked it up and read it, showing him that it wasn´t a contest, it was an application for a school far away. He filled it and sent it, now just waiting for it to return.

:bulletblue:Summary Characteristic: Often lost in thought.

-Playing Videogames
-Hearing Music
-Taking naps anywhere.

:iconnormaltypeplz:Crush Claw - Quick Attack

:bulletblue:Favourite Berry Flavour: Sweet

:bulletblue:House: ~~~~

:bulletblue:School Schedule: ~~~~

-One of his ears broke when he was a baby. It didn´t grew as much as the other.
-His claws are smaller than those of normal Zangooses...Zangeese. Whatever.
-He does not wear shoes because he think that those are the ones who cause paws to stink.
-The fluff of his tail grows really fast, so he has to trim it really often.
-His Amulet Coin was a luck gift from his Grandparent.

-He is mediocre at sports.
-Has a phobia of people throwing up.
-He knows Crush Claw, but is slightly painful for him to use.
For :iconpkmn-armonia:
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R3R4LJ Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick attack is labeled as psychic in the app.  Otherwise, cool.
unboundvortex Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist
Dammet. Thanks!
Anko6 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, here's my honest critique.

Right now, I think you're making your character sound like an antisocial genius who only does what he wants. I think you should explain what kind of personality Ryan has a bit more, since I'm not totally sure about what kind of person he is. You should also make your history a bit more detailed, since again, I can't quite understand Ryan. For example, you might want to add in what his everyday life is like, a few key points in his life and how he discovered the Armonia Institute. Also, if he's quiet, why does he laugh when others insult him? And why is his attack level still high if his claws are so small? Make sure that Ryan's traits don't contradict themselves, it's a bit confusing to tell if he really is a shy person. Also, using words like "mastered" when Ryan's grades are being described make it sound a bit Gary-Stuish, watch out for that.

That's just my honest opinion, though, so I hope this helps. :)
unboundvortex Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist
Hmmm... alright. Thanks!!!
ferdenandrew Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
good luck!
unboundvortex Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks ^^
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